Legal Stuff We Have To Say:

The following services have been noted or recommended by homeowners, but are in no way guaranteed by the Arbor Woods HOA.  Use at your own risk.

Handy-Man Type Services:

  • Handyman Matters:  they do EVERYTHING, interior, exterior, paint, appliances, repairs, etc., 410-549-9696 (bonded, insured and all that)
    • Robyn:  Jerry at Handyman Matters did Robyn's shutters - ask her how it went
  • Mike from CNM Installations:  general exterior repair, gutters/roofing/siding/"fascia wrap"/attic/etc., best price guarantee, 443-517-9075, MHIC 98521
    • Chris S. said: "He was quick and affordable, and he used screws so the same piece of fascia wrap won't fly off in the next storm"
    • BUT later: "Mike owes me an item but won't return my calls, and then the same exact piece of fascia flew off in the next storm..."
  • Joe Griffith:  overall handyman - see his card
  • "Stevos" Handyman Service:  443-527-2402
  • Joseph Heil Co., Inc (Plumbing) - 410-799-7727, 8177 Mission Rd., Jessup, MD 20794
  • John: deck powerwash/stain/fix/indoor&outdoor/roof/shutters - John, J. Corp Phone # 800 455-8122
    • Michael T.:  "I know some decks are in need of repair, believe me you'll love if when it's done!   And he's a nice guy, which makes it even better."


  • Teddy's Handyman and Lawn Care:  P.O. Box 661 Cockeysville, MD 21030, 443-953-3646,
    • Ask Rob for info
  • Handyman Matters:  (see above listing)  410-549-9696
  • Padelis "Pete" Hondreklis:  410-446-2872,
    • Ask Theresa
  • (2011) Harold Howard Painting:  bonded and insured,, 410-997-3070, 410-218-6261, MHIC 47783,
    • Ask Pam or Lan-Anh for their evaluation
    • One homeowner said: "Harold is very easy to work with and very trustworthy. If you need something touched up, or done over, he makes sure that you are 100% happy."


  • Plumb Cheap:  Steve Rucker, 443-312-7229 ,
    • Lan-Anh: "He installed a water powered sump pump backup system for me (no battery, powered by water pressure), which is something to think about these days."
  • Victor's Plumbing:  410-799-9112, 410-721-9399
    • Ask Theresa


  • David Williams Electric:  general electrical work 410-781-4357
    • Robyn said:  "I used David Williams electric Co. many years ago, and they did a superb job."


Lawn Mowing / Planting / Snow Removal! / Etc.:

  • Saul Cervantes:  many clients here, competitive pricing, 301-523-0625
  • Yard Dog Lawn Care:  VERY LOCALLY owned business (off of Forever Green Ct.), does ALL yard work as well as trimming, gutters, snow blowing - free estimates, 443-857-3666 - Tom
  • Marbin Ramos:  much private snow removal during 2010 Snowmageddon, 443-864-2574
  • Meziane Menasria:  Neighborhood Lawn Care Services, here is his flyer.
  • Thomas Travis:  does it all, mowing/trimming/etc, 410-363-3417 


Tree Care/Removal:

  • Howard County:  410-313-7450  (free fast service for any county-owned area tree)
    • Theresa spoke with Bureau of Highways, Chris Lentz, 410-313-5393 and he said he would prune our trees this winter (2011/2012) weather permitting
  • Tree Pro Inc:  410-689-9057
  • Red Miles:  tree expert, 410-984-6110
    • Ask Theresa

Fireplace / Gas / Appliances:

  • 21st Century Fireplace:  (gas fireplace service) - here is a note from a homeowner 
  • Naseer:  appliance repair: heat, a/c, fridge, freezer, dish, washer/dryer, range, etc., bonded, licensed - 301-919-7681
Meeting Locations:
  • St. Stephen's Church:  7741 Mayfield Ave, Pastor Alicia Byrd – 410-796-9762
    • Mr. Tom Matthew lets us in and locks up at the end
The Builder:
  • Cornerstone Homes:  Paul Hinkle, 410-792-2588  -